The most popular cloud

Amazon Web Services

AWS holds 33% of the marketshare, the most of any main cloud provider – and for good reason. Developing cloud applications on AWS ensures great resources for a great price.

Why use AWS?

From simple storage all the way to renting satellite (both in a pay-as-you-go fashion), AWS has you covered. Regardless of if your setting up your application/infrastructure or modernizing your existing one, AWS is the best in the business for becoming agile in a secure and reliable fashion.

Our aws capabilities

Benefits of working with an AWS Specialist

Expert Guidance

With over 200 tools & services, its easiest to get lost in the vast AWS ecosystem. Consult with AWS experts to understand the best way forward for your unique business requirements.


Always be prepared. Incase a configuration goes wrong or there is an alert that is important but your team doesn't know how to tackle, it doesn't hurt to have experts on your side.

Continued Optimization

Not only is AWS' ecosystem vast, it's also constantly improving and expanding. Through working with AWS experts, continued news about updates and best practices can constantly be shared.


Only with experience can one expect to have the know-how to identify new, unique opportunities. Work with AWS experts capitalize on all potential innovative ideas and tools.

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